Separation Anxiety

Now that schools have re-opened, many preschoolers are taking their first and most important formal schooling step in their lives. At Eduland Kindergarten, we understand and empathize their feelings. We have undertaken many initiative to make them feel secure and come to think of school as a fun place in the initial week. Following is an excerpt from the article published in Times of India. This was written by Mrs. Vijayashree, Director, Eduland Kindergarten.

How schools and parents can help overcome this common occurrence with first time preschoolers

The most common cause of school avoidance in preschool is separation anxiety. Not all children of this age have progressed far enough developmentally to be comfortable away from their mothers for long periods of time. And yet, we ask our kindergarteners to come to a strange building and give themselves up to strange people. Most children readily adjust, but some do not. If the mother leaves her child at school the first day, he may not make a fuss right away, but after a while he may miss her. The next day he may not want to go and throw tantrums.

How should this be handled?
With a dependent child like this, the child’s desires should be respected. It would be good if the parents can introduce him to school gradually. Effective Kindergartens should encourage parents to stay nearby their child while the child is exploring the place. The number of hours spent together during this exercise can reduce gradually till the child becomes comfortable with his environment.

Sometimes the child seems happy in his new environment for several days. Then he suddenly starts missing his mother. In this case, the teacher can help the mother decide if she should come back for a few days. When a mother stays around the school, she should remain in the background. The idea is to build up his self – confidence and social skills to deal with others when his mother no longer stays.

Education should focus on the whole child and emphasize the child’s adaption to the environment. When Kindergartens and Parents create such conducive learning environments, we are developing Happy and Confident students.

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