School Uniforms

Today, the question of introducing school uniforms, their objectives and effectiveness is highly relevant given the raising cost of education. No wonder it is a hot topic greatly debated by both parents and educators to find a common ground.

Let’s look at the two party’s arguments:

Parents: o Schools indiscriminately introduce different uniforms
o Schools use uniforms as another source of revenue
o Quality of uniforms is not good and has to buy new ones within a year
o Increases their cost, unnecessarily
o Suppresses one’s freedom of expression and need for comfortable clothing.

Schools: o Promotes egalitarian values and helps establish pride and brand
o Discipline
o Helpful in school/class management
o Instill a sense of community.

The consensus at Eduland Kindergarten (after some deliberations) is to foster creative expression and let the child decide what he/she wants to wear so he/she finds happiness and comfort. It is also cost-effective for the parents as they need not have to spend unnecessarily on uniforms.

Now, What’s your opinion? Should (pre-) schools introduce uniforms?

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PS: The above article featured in Deccan Herald has quoted Mdm. Vijayashree’s comments on using Khadi material for our uniforms. But, after some brainstorming sessions with our keystakeholders, we have scrapped our uniform policy.

One thought on “School Uniforms

  1. I think Uniforms would be unnecessary, especially for children that young. Each child is different and an individual and we should let them be comfortable and find joy each day in being them selves. Also why would we want all of them to look alike and boring with the mundane uniformity. When the question of equity and discipline comes in that’s another big debate in itself and there are other more effective ways of instilling those in children than just uniforms.
    I completely agree with Eduland’s stand.


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