Celebrations at Eduland Kindergarten

Eduland Kindergarten’s December 24th, celebration was a “three –in-one” celebration to commemorate our founding, Christmas and New Year. Children, who had come in red dress sang some carols and danced to the music. All of a sudden, Santa Claus arrived much to the excitement of the children. Some were shocked beyond expression as Santa spent some time talking to them and he later read a book about Christmas. Before some bright students could realize who the Santa was, Santa distributed the gifts and quickly left the premises.

A little later children made their way to the pantry and opened their gifts with their trembling little hands unable to forget their first Santa Claus encounter! They checked and re-checked their gifts, compared it with their friends and many were happy and some seemed disappointed. Later they all had their cake, cookies, chocolates and other yummy items especially ordered for them by Vijayashree.

After a little while, we left in our school van for our next destination – Mathruchhaya to distribute cake and shawls to the young children. Supported by Canara Bank relief and Welfare Society, Mathruchhaya is an NGO caring for the poor and distressed.

At Mathruchhaya, we were taken around by Mrs. Malathi Mohan. In one room there were five infants, all of them less than 5-6 months old, and all girls. It was very sad to know that most of the children who come to Mathruchhaya are abandoned by their biological parents because of their gender.

Since its winter in Bangalore, Eduland Kindergarten children handed over shawls to older kids at Mathruchhaya and a box of cake was handed over to Mrs. Malathi to be distributed to the children.

We left Mathruchhaya with a heavy heart and ended our anniversary celebration feeling how lucky we are just to be normal human beings; loved, cared and pampered by our parents. Our experiences reinforced our philosophy of being a good corporate citizen and that we would commit ourselves further to educate these children and towards social inclusion.

The altruistic approach adopted by Eduland Kindergarten has brought all of our stakeholders together. Our associates feel proud and motivated to be associated with Eduland Kindergarten which has adopted compassionate business practices, our students learn values and empathy and acquire social grace and higher emotional quotient, our patrons feel good that the part of the fee they pay is spent on making a positive difference within the society.

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