Eduland Kindergarten celebrates a successful first year in business

Eduland Kindergarten marks a successful first full year in business. This momentous milestone was achieved on December 24, 2010.

It has not necessarily been our first year because although we took possession of the current facility in April 2009, it was not until December that we officially opened our Kindergarten and started taking admissions.

Like many new businesses, it has not been without its problems though. It has only been through the support we have received from our associates, customers and partners that we have weathered the storm. The trust we have earned is more valuable to us than our success. and we have been humbled by their generosity, enthusiasm, support and encouragement and we want to extend to each of them our deep gratitude for choosing Eduland Kindergarten.

As a custodian of young children, we are cognizant of the enormous responsibility that has been placed on us to mould the young minds and prepare them for future challenges. We continue to invest in resources, steadfastly acquiring scientific knowledge of early care and education along with the art of effective execution. One of the most delightful things over this past year was seeing infants learn to walk and take their first steps at Eduland Kindergarten and hearing their first words.

Our mission of enabling our key stakeholders – teachers, students and parents reach their full potential continues to inspire us. We continue to invest in enhancing our portfolio and improving our value proposition to our customers. Our business philosophy, child and parent centric services, pursuit of quality and relevent education and leadership with integrity continue to win our customer accolades and recognition.

Reyansh, Kanupriya and Sourav Maheshwari, Anika, Arpana and Atul Nigam, Gaurav, Dr.Sowmya and Ramesh, Aryan, Hema and Dr. Vinay Pandit, Varsha, Veena and Naveen, Bhavin, Sreesha, Latha and Harish Kumar, Pranavi, Anjali and Madhav Chendla, Rhea Elizabeth, Anu Jacob and Tiji Joy, Om, Bharati and Mallikarjun Shigli, Praneel, Ahwini and Vinay, Sameer, Priya Joseph and Deepak Godhi, Rohan, Vani and Srikanta Murthy, Pranav, Rajashree and Pradeep, Poorvi, Madhura and Sangappa Kurgod, Sruja, Padma and Sudheer, Swastik, Swagatika and Viswa Mohan Tripathi, Alina, Sameera and Mohamed Gufran Pasha, Anshul, Tejawini and Amit Sawant, Sarthak, Veena and Venugopal, Uzair, Azra Nasreen and Naveed Khan, Pranita, Geetanjali and Vijayakumar, Shenaz, Shimna and Sajid, Skanda, Shruthi and Naganarasimha, Prateek, Manuja and Ravi Gadkar.

Our partners – Vijay Raghavendran – Websoft Solutions, Basheer Ahmed – Classic Printers, Gaurav Dublish – Director, Wildcraft, India, Santosh Raveshia – Pencil-India, Murali H.S. – Vyshak Media. Mahadev – MS Fotos.

Others who took time out from their busy schedules to assist us in various things – Vijaysekhar Reddy, Vasantha S – SAP Labs, A.N. Sudharshan – BSNL, A.N. Vijaya Lakshmi

Team Eduland Kindergarten (past and present) – Priya Maller, Subbulakshmi, Mahalakshmi, Swarnamba, Shrija Agrawal, Nalini Rajesh, Sarawati, Bhavani, Lalini Naik, Padma and Vijayashree.
We recognize the sacrifices and contributions these women have made to the success and survival of Eduland Kindergarten. One of our associate’s hand was badly bruised in a fire accident but she was in office the next day with a bandage. Other had a miscarriage but she was at work after 3 days. In spite of the personal tragedies and mishaps, our people still found it worthwhile to come to Eduland Kindergarten. Without their unparalleled passion and committment to the eduation of young children, this milestone would not have been possible.

Finally to our families, especially our mothers for sharing our passion and for always being there for us. They are up early in the morning and help us get ready to go to school 🙂
Thank you for everything and for a fabulous first year!

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