Eduland Kindergarten Joins Scholastic Book Club

Eduland Kindergarten is pleased to announce that it has joined Scholastic Book Club to encourage Eduland Kindergarten’s young children to inclucate the habit of reading.

Eduland Kindergarten and Scholastic Book Club gives Eduland Kindergarten’s students and parents access to world class, age appropriate reading resources. The most appealing part of this club is its simplicity. Simplicity of knowing and acquiring many local and international learning resources. The other exciting part is its affordability. Parents can pick up a wide range of age/developmentally -appropriate resources at great prices – all of them discounted and most of them available for less than Rs.100!.

As an institution, focused on quality and relevancy of education, we belive this initiative will make great books available to Eduland Kindergarten’s students and help them appreciate the power of reading books and become effective knowledge workers.

We thank Ms. Poonam Cherian of Scholastic India for giving us this opportunity to make these wonderful learning resourcess accessible to our students. We are confident that our highly educated Edualnd Kindergarten community will appreciate this initiative and get their young readers excited about owning and reading books and having their own mini libraries!

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