Biometric in Eduland Kindergarten? Take a poll

Eduland Kindergarten is planning to implement biometric technology (automted fingerprint identification system) for attendance and time tracking purpose.

Efficient and accurate time tracking of full daycare and before and after-school care of students is a strategic business imperative for Edualnd Kindergarten as it is the only preschool and childcare centre in Bangalore, perhaps in India to bill its customers on an hourly basis – i.e. only on the hours used.

It is (time tracking) currently done manually on a register where the parent/staff will sing-in and sign-out along with the timestamp. The total hours would then be caculated manually at the end of the month. Though the current system serves its purpose, it is antiquated, time-consuming, error-prone and environmentally UNfriendly.

Implementing biometric solution in Eduland Kindergarten, initially for attendance and for tracking the # of hours used, would significantly streamline the this process, bring more authenticity in to billing and elimiate bottlenecks.

Unlike in the US or UK, there are no strict guidelines -Dos and Donts in India on the use of biometrics and use of stored data in schools. It is probably because biometrics is used for multitude of purposes in most of the schools there.

As far as possible, Eduland Kindergarten will use the The Information Commissioner’s Office, UK guide as a reference document and implement the data protection principles mentioned in the Appendix.

Participate in the poll and tell us what you think. Voting will close on June 16, 2011.

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