Eduland Kindergarten – Small and Soulful

2 thoughts on “Eduland Kindergarten – Small and Soulful

  1. All the artwork of Eduland are so brilliantly done. Its great to see a preschool so emotionally involved with everything you do right from the website (which is refreshingly different from the rest with every possible information that’s needed by parents) to artwork.

    Keep it going! You guys at Eduland rock!

  2. Dear Krishan:
    Thank you for your comments and appreciate your interest and the time you must have spent going through our website and Chalkboard.

    Yes, there’s lot of passion and purpose in everything we do at Eduland Kindergarten. We left our respective professions to start Eduland Kindergarten as an answer to the many problems faced by today’s working professionals like quality care and education, affordable programs, trustworthy people and service,and simple and transparent billing.

    We will be two years old shortly and I know we are not the best yet and have a long way to go. But what I do know for certain (which our customers will vouch for) is we are not like the rest.

    Keep it coming.. we will surely rock!

    – Chandra.

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