Children’s Day Greetings

2 thoughts on “Children’s Day Greetings

  1. It’s really a fantastic photo… A good capture to show the importance of a sisterly love … It’s all about loving and being loved….

  2. Thank you Mrs. Madhura for your comment and for appreciating our artwork.

    The picture showcases the bond that holds all of us at Eduland Kindergarten together. I attribute that mainly to our decision to keep Eduland Kindergarten small in size, to allow age mixing, and to relentlessly focus on the quality of education.
    These factors have contributed enormously to the development of IQ, EQ and SQ of our students and in my opinion these are the most desired skills for a preschooler to acquire in a kindergarten.

    By the way, Poorvi is a natural leader. She has her own way to dealing with people and get things done from them. Swastik is a little dynamite. Being the youngest of all Eduland Kindergartners, he sure knows how to draw everyone’s attention.

    Thanks again, to you and to all our patrons for supporting us, for appreciating our work and most importantly for trusting us.

    – Chandra.

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