The Voice of the Customer

Hi Shree,
Thanks for all services and efforts rendered by EK as well as Priya, Padma, Saraswati, and Shrija. We are missing you all. It was a great, happy, memorable and a very effective learning period for Anika. She still misses her EK family and friends like Poorvi, Bharat and Om Bhaiya. she also misses Shrija m’aam and Shree m’aam a lot. It is unfortunate that Anika had to leave EK due to my transfer from Bangalore to Delhi.

I want to mention here very specifically that whatever Anika has learnt in EK as part of Montessori I has given her more advanced knowledge compared to the other children in her school. She is leading her classmates here in Montessori I in all aspects whether it is weekdays, months, fruits, vegetables, shapes, rhymes, or gadget puzzels.

I am really thankful to EK and feel good when I hear from her teacher that Anika knows everything whatever they have planned for September. That is why her teacher here has started the sleeping, standing and slanting lines for her. she is lacking only in stage presentations as she feeling shy.

Most funny and admiring thing is when she corrects us – me, my husband and her grandparents for little things like do not keep legs on sofa or the table, do not talk loudly,or do not eat before her because she is a child and we should ask her first. Her grandparents enjoy her company alot.

So once again thanks for everything.

Arpana Nigam.
(via email)

2 thoughts on “The Voice of the Customer

  1. Thank you for your comment Anonymous!
    It’s a huge compliment but I honestly think it’s one too early. Just like our students, Eduland Kindergarten is a very young pre-school and I tend to think we are work in process.
    Judge us 20 or 25 years down the line. If we withstand the test of time and consistently churn out the best minds and if our alumni think we contributed to their success, we can then safely say that, with that one chance we’d got, we did a good job in preparing them for a future.
    Thanks again for your time and comment.

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