Soap and Water Vs Hand Sanitizer

95 percent of people wash their hands wrong.

Watch the Soap & Water vs. Hand Sanitizer video and find out are you one of them.

3 thoughts on “Soap and Water Vs Hand Sanitizer

  1. Pretty good video. The conclusion by pogue though comedic highlights the dilemma that there is no clear answer. Ideally, I would believe that minimal washing of hands is the right answer since humans have survived thousands of years without soap or hand sanitizer. The typical upbringing ensured that children are faced with good amount of germs from childhood and develop resistance. Recent study also confirms the same.

    But hand sanitizer or soap water usage outside home might well be akin to liability insurance. They are not the best for long term, but protect against unnecessary/unfair complaints from parents 🙂


  2. I agree with Dr Mary, look at street kids in India , they look and are more healthy . The conditions in slum areas make them stronger over a period .


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