World’s Best Education System…in Finland

One thought on “World’s Best Education System…in Finland

  1. We started Eduland Kindergarten out of frustration with the Indian education system and attitude of the educators/administrators. The Government schools lag behind because of lack of vision, leadership and accountability and the private ones are set up as a money making beasts. These factors and many more have made the cost of basic education highly exorbitant and out of reach for many families.

    We broke away from the “herd” with a mission to make education – the process of acquiring “skills” or knowledge, real, relevant and affordable.

    As a four year old, private upstart, without any external funding and training, we’ve progressed a bit in our journey towards educational excellence.
    Given our “radical” approach, we’re naturally, not very popular and not a sought after school (this is inspite of receiving 73% “outstanding” votes in our recent poll). So, the challenges are many, but, we are committed to our mission as we know it is the only way to make education more effective and meaningful.

    This video, and the existing education system in Finland and our own experience as parents with the education system in Singapore encourage us to keep going in spite of having a majority of non-takers or non-believers.

    Hope this video will put things in persepective and make parents of young children all over the world to start thinking “differently” about education.

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